Trade Marks & Symbols, 1973, by Yasaburo Kuwayama

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Designer David Airey published a post recently that drew our attention to Trade Marks & Symbols from 1973. Written and compiled by Yasaburo Kuwayama, it was intended as a “comprehensive, profusely illustrated guide to more than 1,500 trademarks from all over the world.”

You can view all the contents of the first volume, Alphabetical Designs, at

Here’s a brief extract, which still holds true today, and quietly closely mirrors the Hotfoot client briefing doc (although the language is of course a little different):

“When requesting that a designer produce a mark, the client should provide the designer with the necessary materials, as follows. (1) He should be informed of the present nature and future plans of the company or organisation. (2) Information on the objects to which the mark will be affixed (or inscribed, stamped, etc.). What is the nature of the products, types, size, varieties, and materials used to produce them? (3) Media: What type of ads and other media applications are planned? What materials are likely to be used for specific applications, such as large outdoor advertising? (4) The designer should also be briefed on the relation the mark is to have, if any, with other marks used by the company or by related companies.”

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