The Telegraph saves 23 minutes per article with a simplified CMS

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It shouldn’t be difficult to update your website with new content in 2016. Modern Content Management Systems (CMS), like the ones we use at Hotfoot, are intuitive and easy to use for our clients’ requirements.

But, of course, many businesses aren’t using a modern CMS, and are stuck with legacy systems that make even the simplest updates a headache.

On that list, until recently, was the Telegraph newspaper. From a report in Nieman Lab:

“Our old content management system is about 10 years old now, and it’s incredibly feature rich,” said Malcolm Coles, The Telegraph’s director of digital media, who helped lead the process that resulted in the new CMS. “It was feature rich with stuff we didn’t really need anymore and didn’t have lots of ones we might want. It generally slowed down the act of doing journalism — thinking how to present information and getting it live.”

Under the paper’s old system, for example, it took an average of 27 minutes to publish a wire crime report with photos and an embedded graphic. Producers had to go through 58 steps — including seven repeating steps — to get the story online.

With the new CMS, called Telegraph Authoring, the same story with images and a graphic can be published in four minutes and just 12 steps, including two repeated processes.

Just compare the screen cap of the new CMS above with the migraine inducing nightmare they were using below.



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