Dashboard geekery: a look at Spotify’s Fan Insights for musicians

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In the past information about the performance of things was pretty scant. We all got by with estimates and assumptions, while we waited to see the results, and even then the data would often be incomplete or slight. In advertising you knew a campaign had run, and where, but not really who had actually seen it, or when, or what they did next. In the music business you knew how many people had bought your records, but not which songs they liked, or how often they were played.

These days we are drowning in data. We can gather so much real time information it can quickly become overwhelming. Which is where dashboards come in. Good dashboards can tell us at a glance all the things that matter most, and provide us with easy access to the detail.

At Hotfoot we spend lots of time looking at dashboards to tell us things like how well a client’s email campaign did compared to their to last one, how their open rates stack up against industry benchmarks, which of the two subject lines performed best in an A/B test. We look at web analytics and obsess over abandonment rates, new calls to action, the growth in mobile visitors and so on. It’s fascinating and it all starts with a dashboard view.

So, it’s interesting to look at a musician’s candid review of Spotify’s Fan Insights in the video above by Danny J Lewis.


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