Why every company should think like a start-up

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Guy Cookson

I wrote an article for this month’s issue of Lancashire Business View:

This is the age of disruption. Former titans like Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia, HMV and Borders have been crushed by Instagram, Netflix, Apple, Spotify and Amazon. Airbnb is threatening the hotel business, Uber has taken a wrecking ball to the taxi market, Tesla has the automotive sector in their sights.

It’s no longer enough to be better than your direct competitors. You now have to be prepared to defend against entirely new business models.

Design plays an important role in this. Good design can fundamentally change the way people perceive your brand. Silicon Valley start-ups understand that beautifully designed and intuitive experiences fuel growth and drive customer satisfaction. Every company can benefit from following the same principles.

You can read the article in full here.

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