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Nigel Croston

Nigel has a long history as an analyst programmer using numerous technologies and has lived and worked in Lancaster for over a decade now.

Working with various digital and ecommerce agencies in the North West as a Senior Web Developer, he has worked for many diverse clients and industries over that time.

To this day he continues to have a lifelong love of information technology that started when he saw Space Invaders on an Atari 2600 at age 6.

  • First job?

    A Saturday job at my local Coop Supermarket, stacking shelves and bagging fruit and veg.

  • Most treasured possession?

    This is a tricky one as I’m not really a possessions kind of person. I do have a gaming PC which I guess is my most used possession with my most treasured being whatever game I am currently absorbed in on that.

  • Favourite record?

    Very difficult to choose this one as there’s so much great music in the world. Anything by Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis is about as much as I can narrow this down… I’ll say Crosstown Traffic by Hendrix.

  • Favourite book?

    This set of questions has made me realise I don’t have a favourite anything! Anything by William Gibson, Ian M Banks or Terry Pratchett. The Neuromancer by William Gibson is a particular favourite of mine.

  • Favourite piece of art?

    I do love modern street art with a social conscience, it’s like a natural progression from old school graffiti, so people like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, but as I have to choose just one I’ll go for Gustav Klimt and The Kiss.

  • Favourite website?

    LingsCars is the greatest website of all time for all the wrong reasons.

  • Favourite film?

    So any to chose from here, let’s say The Godfather Part 2 (or maybe The Empire Strikes Back)...

  • What did you want to be when growing up?


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