Guy Cookson
Marketing Director / Partner

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Guy Cookson

Guy has worked in digital, marketing and communications for 15 plus years at corporates, agencies, and startups in London and the North.

Prior to joining Hotfoot as a Partner, Guy co-founded digital advertising startup Azullo; ran the marketing for a network of websites for DMGT plc; worked at the Red Consultancy with clients including Braun, Microsoft and the Woodland Trust; and launched a design magazine sold in many countries. Guy has spoken at industry events and written for titles including the Guardian, The Drum, Campaign and others.

Guy has two sons, Oscar and Mateo.

  • First job?

    I washed dishes at a local restaurant so I could buy records - in those distant days before Spotify!

  • Which person do you most admire?

    I'm a big fan of Jad Abumrad from the podcast Radiolab, because I love the show. And Tom Waits for his imagination.

  • Most treasured possession?

    Photos - I just wish I got round to printing more of them.

  • Favourite record?

    These days it's a huge playlist I've created on Spotify.

  • Favourite book?

    The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher - I keep going back to it.

  • Favourite piece of art?

    Maybe the Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. It has fascinated and scared me since I first saw it in a book as a small child.

  • Favourite apps?

    Overcast for podcasts, Feedly for reading, and Spotify for music.

  • Favourite website?

    Probably the New Yorker or Wired.

  • Favourite film?

    It's a tie between Manhattan, Do The Right Thing and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Or something by Almodóvar.

  • Favourite podcast?

    Oh god there's so many great ones. Reply All, 99% Invisible, Home of the Brave, Radiolab, Planet Money, Revisionist History, Heavyweight, Rumble Strip, Open Source with Christopher Lydon...

  • What did you want to be when growing up?

    A journalist or a racing car driver.

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Awards & Accreditations

  • RAR Recommended 2008-2016
  • Downtown In Business
  • The Bibas 2016 - Creative Agency of the Year Finalist
  • Lancashire Business Awards Nominee 2016
  • Boost Business Lancashire
  • CIM - The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Awwwards Nominee 2016
  • Digital Lancashire Founding Member
  • Lakes Hospitality Association
  • Red Rose Awards 2017

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