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Becky Sewell

Becky has almost a decade of experience in design working with British and American clients in a variety of sectors, including food and drink.

Becky studied design at Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • First job?

    My first official job was at a paper and crafts warehouse, where I would often spend my earnings that same day.

  • Most treasured possession?

    My photo albums. My family were great at taking pictures when I was growing up, so we have hundreds of photographs that I am gradually adding to albums. In this digital age, I try to keep up this tradition by printing out pictures of the travels and adventures me and my friends have, so we can look back through albums and reminisce at great times had together.

  • Favourite record?

    I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite, as my music taste changes vastly depending on what mood I’m in, and what I’m up to, but two records that I’m always in the mood for are The North Borders by Bonobo and Music For Adverts by Lack of Afro.

  • Favourite holiday destination?

    Indonesia. Not only is it beautiful, rich in culture and home to the friendliest of people, but it's a great meet-up spot to see my friends who live in Australia.

  • What did you want to be when growing up?

    An architect. From a young age I loved to make cardboard model houses for all my toys, and elaborate dens for me and my friends. This often resulted in me getting in quite a bit of trouble with my parents, as I usually ransacked our house and possessions for authentic materials!

  • Favourite designer?

    I'm enjoying following different letterers and typographers at the moment, such as Lauren Hom.

  • Favourite App?

    Pinterest. I rarely start anything, whether it be designing a piece of work, an upholstery project or tonight's tea without consulting Pinterest first. I love the ability to pin ideas that catch my eye, and always having them on hand for inspiration.

  • Favourite Film?

    Swiss Family Robinson.

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